Cefalú is probably one of our favourite day trips, even though it is just 15 minutes away by car.  We pack up the kids and our beach bags and leave first thing in the morning.  Parking isn't cheap at about €8 per day but it's close to the beach.  When you approach Cefalú head for the centre and then pick up signs for "lungomare" which is the seafront.  Book yourself 2 sun loungers and an umbrella for about €15 for the day on Cafalú's fabulous sandy beaches.  Each "lido" has a bar and restaurant as well as beach-sellers passing up and down with drinks and snacks such as coconut for sale.  At about 6pm we pack up, shower on the beach, leave our things back in the car and then stroll into the town square to watch the sunset transform Cefalú's incredible 12th century Norman cathedral.  Bliss.

Gangi, voted the most beautiful hill top town in Italy is an hour's drive into the mountains from Finale.  Take the SP52 through Borrello and Karsa and take in the deep valleys and mountain views as the road winds and snakes its way inland.

Explore Sicily's Great Outdoors:

Mountain guide and long-time friend Vincenzo Scavuzzo is a qualified mountain and rock climbing guide.  Whether you want to discover the river gorge, Le Gole di Tiberio, hike across Sicily's stunning mountain scenery or climb its rock faces, you can join Vincenzo on an organised hike or have him accompany you as a guide.

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